Shifting demographics, the opportunities and risks inherent in new technologies, and constrained economic resources have heavily impacted education. The industry is in need of leaders who understand the emerging trends, think critically about today’s pressing challenges, and are motivated by a desire to effect meaningful change in their organization.

If you aspire to be one of those leaders, consider enrolling in one of our education programs. Here are a few programs popular with military and veteran students:

Overview Objectives
Doctor of Education Our Doctor of Education (EdD) program offers a rich, dynamic learning experience—one that blends critical engagement with theory, practice, and research. Providing innovative and engaging opportunities, our EdD further cultivates the skills and knowledge necessary to effect meaningful change in your organization. As an EdD student, you will collaborate with an accomplished group of fellow practitioners, exposing you to global perspectives and strengthening your ability to think critically about today’s educational challenges. Students will complete most EdD coursework online with an additional required on-campus residency. Develop a background in the education literature and identify a research problem for your doctoral thesis; receive an overview of scholarly thinking and research on learning, leadership, and change in the context of practice; learn the advanced data analysis methods necessary for doctoral-level research and gain skills you can apply to research in your practice. Our three EdD concentrations include: Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership; Higher Education Administration; and Organizational Leadership Studies.
Master of Arts in Teaching We offer two licensures for our Master of Arts in Teaching: Elementary Education and Secondary Education. Designed for aspiring teachers and career changers, the Master of Arts in Teaching provides an appreciation for and an understanding of the diverse educational needs, social concerns, and cultural values of today’s elementary and secondary schools. This graduate degree in teaching will enhance your foundational skills, broaden your perspectives, and strengthen your ability to inspire and educate. Gain political, social, and historical perspectives on education; explore the richly complex environments of schools and communities; develop a working understanding of teaching and learning in diverse settings; investigate how humans learn, acquire knowledge, and make sense of their experiences; examine theories of teaching and explore how best to teach for understanding and learning achievement; and research methods and materials, pedagogies, and assessment strategies that foster integrated learning.
Master of Education in Higher Education Administration Institutions of higher education around the world are facing considerable pressures that range from changing demographics to financial strain. The Master of Education in Higher Education Administration degree program is designed to provide working professionals with the foundation to understand the structure, governance, and operation of various higher education organizations. Graduates are positioned for leadership roles within all segments of higher education, including student affairs, alumni relations, financial aid, marketing, consulting, accreditation agencies, and other specialized institutes. Prepare to work and advance effectively by learning the complex organizational structure and historical context of higher education and the changing role of the faculty; learn about the accelerating influence of public policy upon this sector; gain overarching familiarity of higher education administrative functions and operations both nationally and globally; understand how the changes in student demographics affect higher education institutions; and examine the societal impact of technology, such as MOOCS has upon education worldwide.


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