As an active duty military servicemember or veteran, you have served all of us. Now, we want to serve you. Learn more about our services and resources from fellow veterans who enrolled in Northeastern.

Helpful, Understanding Professors

“I am on sea duty, and because of our poor connectivity, my professors have gone out of their way to ensure I am able to complete all my assignments and discussion posts. On multiple occasions, my professors have emailed me the discussion questions and various students’ responses so I would be involved in the discussions. I don’t understand why every Navy intelligence professional isn’t a part of this program.”

-Kevin Lees, veteran, U.S. Navy
Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence and Analysis
(expected graduation 2021)

An Active, Supportive Community

“You’re always going to find a veteran in one of your classes and have friends that have been through the things you’ve been through. I’m extremely proud to have studied at Northeastern, because of the veterans program, how much they push the veterans program, and how accommodating they are.”

-Andrew Musto, active duty, U.S. Marine Corps
Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Flexible Degree Formats That Fit Your Needs

“I chose the College of Professional Studies because it allowed me to work during the day and progress in my career while also continuing my education and obtaining my credentials at night without skipping a beat.”

-Tosin Davis, veteran, U.S. Marine Corps
Master of Science in Project Management

That Bridges the Gaps in Your Military Benefits

“The Yellow Ribbon Program was specifically beneficial for me in my decision to come to Northeastern. At other universities, I would have had a lot of debt. So being a private, world-class university, and coming out with no debt, was definitely a perk to come to Northeastern.”

-Michael Trudeau, veteran, U.S. Navy
Bachelor of Science from the College of Professional Studies

Elite School with Hands-On Learning

“I chose Northeastern because, like most students, I valued the co-op programs. Also, being from New England, I knew Northeastern was an elite school and had much to offer in terms of networking and academic advancement.”

– Aaron Kazarian, veteran, U.S. Army
BS ’19, Criminal Justice (2019)
Master of Arts in Strategic Intelligence Analysis
(expected graduation 2021)

A More Seamless Transition to Civilian Life

“In 10 years, I picture myself being more independent and more experienced in my career. I think Northeastern will help me achieve that vision I have set for myself.”
– Sarah Snow, veteran, U.S. Navy
Bachelor of Science in Physics

The Opportunity to Advance Your Career

“As a student in [the Master’s in] Homeland Security, my goal was to develop my skills and fine-tune what I do as a leader in homeland security. I want to become an innovator in homeland security at the strategic level.”

– Eric DiNoto, U.S. Army major, director of the National Guard Homeland Security Institute
Master of Arts in Homeland Security (2016)

Mission accomplished

“There was a certain moment when I looked in the mirror and I realized that in spite of my busy work schedule, I had been neglecting something really important for myself, which is to get your education. That’s when I found Northeastern. My friend told me about the College of Professional Studies bachelor’s completion program and he said that if you have military training, if you have off-duty education, or if you have courses and credits from another college, you can roll those right in and complete your bachelor’s degree. I’m wrapping up my degree here, and I’m bookending that journey that I started way back when I was sitting in my barracks thinking ‘am I really going to do this or not?’ and here I am now. It’s mission accomplished.”

-Matt Kiely, veteran, U.S. Army
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (2019)

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